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What to think about before buying a rebreather

One morning, sooner or later, you will wake up with a strange sensation—as if some minor and weird changes happened in your body overnight. You are not turning into another Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but in the recent weeks you have come to find your dives to be very noisy with all the bubbles escaping from your regulator starting to get on your nerves. All your dive gear has also started to feel very heavy, with all these tanks and regulators to carry everywhere.
What to think about before buying a rebreather
Published in X-Ray Issue: 25 - Sep 2008
Authored by: Cedric Verdier | Photography: Cedric Verdier | Translation:
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And then you have this fancy and expensive dive computer full of features you cannot use because they are designed for divers with little in common with you, using state-of-the-art and highly complex equipment on their back and breathing esoteric mixes coming from remote planets.

So, after reading magazines, walking your way along many booths in the dive shows, surfing the net looking for rebreather-related websites, you have finally arrived at an important threshold in your life. You are ready to buy a rebreather. You have made up your mind, checked that the mortgage for your nuclear bunker is in place and you won’t have to replace your two-year-old pink Jacuzzi anytime soon. What do you do then? Asking yourself the following questions is a good place to start:

Do I really need a rebreather?

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