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So what is Rebreather Forum (RF3) all about?

Dr Neal Pollock, DAN’s Research Director and one of the organisers behind RF3, explains
  Jason Brown / Bardo Creative
Dr Neal W Pollock (DAN's Research Director) speaking at the 2011 UK Diving Trade Show
"The main aim of RF3 is to evaluate the state of the art”, says Neal Pollock, “In a nutshell the theme of RF3 is to improve understanding, which we hope will translate to improved safety across the board. We can always do things better. So it is a rationality check to see if we can make things safer

The main aim of RF3 is to evaluate the state of the art

—Dr Neal Pollock, DAN’s Research Directo

We’re therefore going to assess the current situation re manufacturing, testing, training and diving protocols to check that we are doing this as safely as we can, and highlight areas that need improving so that we can move forward.

Hence we’ve convened this Conference to put a lot of opinions into the room, rather than relying on a set of interpretations from one particular organization or company. Doing it this way allows us to pull together all the different views and we then analyse the results through one lens.

The training agencies all say we are doing it right, so therefore why do we still have a number of fatalities every year?

At RF3 we intend to be as honest as we can about issues and address every one of them. This may sound to some divers that we are suggesting current standards are dangerous. We are not. Our ethos is more along the lines of ‘how can we do it better and safer’?

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Rebreather Forum 3 Organiser Rosemary E Lunn with RF3 Speaker Dr Neal W Pollock at the 2011 UK Diving Trade Show Photo credit: Jason Brown / Bardo Creative

So why will RF3 be useful to the Industry?
When you understand where something is failing; be it manufacturing, training or diving protocols, then everyone benefits from knowing how failures can occur. Then we can see and evaluate how to successfully improve performance.”

You can be part of this important peer review, just log onto www.rf30.org, check out the agenda and book your tickets to the most significant rebreather conference this decade; Rebreather Forum 3.

You’ll kick yourself if you miss it!


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