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Quick Cuff System

All drysuit divers will able to benefit from SI TECH’s Quick Cuff System debuted at DEMA 2010
Quck Cuff System.
SI TECH, the Swedish Drysuit Component manufacturer (, is delighted to announce the DEMA debut of the Quick Cuff System.

“Our popular Cuff System has been around for over a decade”, stated SI TECH President Jonas Axelsson. “It was developed following requests for a seal system that allowed a diver to change a broken seal in the field in minutes without using glue or tools. Now this Cuff System has evolved and we’re very pleased with the result.

We worked in concert with Waterproof, the Swedish Neoprene Protection Manufacturer, to develop the Quick Cuff System (QCS). They were keen to fit a ring seal system to their concept D1 Hybrid Suit and gave us an exacting brief. Waterproof wanted an ‘easy to take apart and put back together in the field’, ergonomic, low profile, light, practical, ‘small as possible’ ring system. In addition the QCS needed to accommodate a large variety of diver’s hands without impacting on their movement and dexterity.

To achieve this we’ve designed a two piece elliptical or oval ring system using a combination of Polyurethane and Microblend. The weldable Polyurethane is soft and easily adheres to the drysuit cuff material, whilst the Microblend is a good thermal plastic that works well in all marine environments. What is so nice about this material is that it doesn’t get affected by different temperatures, ie diving in sub 5 or 20+ degree water.

So how does it work? One outside of the Polyurethane ring is permanently adhered to the drysuit cuff. On the exposed section are a number of low profile ridges. The diver simply slides a Silflex silicone seal over the low profile ridges ensuring a smooth fit. They then slide the Microblend ring over the top and the new Siflex silicone seal is secure. This is such a superb product for divers that I am pleased to announce that we are now working with several drysuit manufacturers so that they too can access this optimal Quick Cuff System and Siflex silicone seals.”


For further information or high resolution images please contact;

Rosemary E Lunn
The Underwater Marketing Company

Cell/Mobile: +44 (0) 7973 117 862

Link to manufacturer / further info ► Si Tech

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