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No Flash

Taking photos underwater without a flash is not common, but it actually is easier than using a flash. I have a few tips and advice for getting good results.
No Flash
Published in X-Ray Issue: 27 - Dec 2008
Authored by: Kurt Amsler | Photography: Kurt Amsler | Translation:
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Underwater photography can be challenging. It is not easy. On dry land, you don’t encounter to many obstacles, but under water, you have to ‘fight’ for every single ray of light

Not only is light diffused by the water but also absorbed by particles and scattered everywhere. These are reasons good enough to invest and bring your own sunshine with you, in the form of a strobe. However, a good strobe often costs much more than a digital camera. On the other hand, if you have clear water and adequate natural light, you can produce nice images as well.

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