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A Must Dive - Art exhibition on USS Vanderberg

Andreas Franke has made it again, the Second Edition of his Vanderberg Series is now hung on the wreck, in May 2012. This unique Underwater Exhibit on Key West's Hallmark Artificial Reef will be in place for another four months.
The second Edition of Andreas Franke's amazing photos,
These images have a way of getting to you, the sceneries are just amazing. When ordinary moments of human life is portrayed with the remains of a former glorious US Navy ship in the background, the ship comes alive ones again and your mind takes off in all kind of directions.

Andreas Franke is a photographer from Austria who claims he is not a diver per se, nor is he an u/w photographer, he just needed to be under water to take pictures for his work. At least that is what he told me when I stood flabbergasted watching prints of his first edition at Dema last year. The final touches are then photographed with models in his studio in Austria.

The art is hung with magnets on the wreck, and withstand the salty water and the gushing Gulf Stream that occasionally rushes through the wreck. In time growth will be appearing on the pictures, starting on the outer edges. "As it grows it embraces the image, which only enhances the art", says Andreas, "and then it is time to get them out of the water".

They are then sold to art lovers, who will have a surely unique piece on their walls.