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Kent Tooling's Knurled Nuts are the Biz

Kent Tooling's Knurled Nuts are the Biz
Press Release
Forwarded by:   10-13-2011
Rosemary E Lunn | The Underwater Marketing Company

As your diving gets more adventurous, your hands and more specifically your fingers can take a bit of a pounding when it comes to setting up and donning equipment. One particular nut - the Wing nut - used for mounting a backplate to a single or twinset can really scratch and catch fingers, especially when you're not concentrating on the task in hand

Enter stage left Kent Tooling's Dome Nuts. These low profile knurled nuts are a much better solution. They're easier to hold, simpler to tighten (and subsequently undo) and they don't require a washer either. And coming from the stable of Kent Tooling you can be assured of their quality because they're manufactured from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.

To get your sticky paws on a set of Knurled Nuts or other shiny diving components visit Kent Tooling's Stand at DIVE.2011 (22 - 23 October @ Birmingham NEC) and talk to 'that very clever engineering bloke' John.