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InnerSpace Explorers (ISE) expands course offers

 InnerSpace Explorers (ISE) expands course offers
Achim Schloeffel (left) and Christian Redl
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Press Release
Forwarded by:   03-15-2013
Judith Hoppe | InnerSpace Explorers press office

High calibre and competent experts Sven Drangeid and Christian Redl add their expertise to the advanced training program
Munich, March 15, 2013 – The new offers “Line skills for cave divers” and “Apnea skills for technical divers” enhance the ISE offer in the area of security

ISE President Achim Schloeffel explains the extended offer as follows: “Safety is paramount at ISE and our goal has always been to offer a program that prepares divers for all eventualities. In this context, we have been searching for competent partners for the new concepts for quite a while.”

Cave diving is becoming a popular sport and awareness for safe training and optimal equipment is becoming stronger. However, it can also observed that this consciousness is not present outsidee the water. Cave divers explore dry passages and climb without the skills that they would never relinquish under water. This is where the program "rope techniques for cave divers" comes into action.

With Sven Drangeid ISE added a pro in the team, who perfectly fits into the concept, being an industrial climber with plenty of alpine and cave experience. His training activities for junior industrial climbers has provied him with the appropriate training experience. The new course is aimed at all certiefed and new cave divers and covers in four intense days the fundamentals of physics, rope knowledge, knots, stop techniques, movement techniques and logistics.

With the new apnea course for technical divers more than just real safety is taught. By improving breathing techniques and apnea skills, divers are given more time to solve problems and the mental strength and self-confidence are being reinforced.
With multiple freediving champion and extreme athlete Christian Redl ISE gained an extremely competent partner and thus add to its team of experts.