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Great white shark heads into the Gulf, baffles scientists

A great white shark is being tracked by marine researchers has so far made its way from Massachusetts' Cape Cod to the northeast Gulf of Mexico.
Tagged in 2013 with a satellite tracking device, the great white known as Katharine, was most recently spotted south of Cape San Blas in the Florida Panhandle.

The movements of Katherine, as well as Betsy, another great white who has also recently been spotted in the Gulf continues to baffle scientists by staying in the warming summer waters of the Gulf, rather than heading back to their usual feeding grounds off Cape Cod where they prey on seals.

The presence of White sharks in the Gulf could be an indication that the region is healthier than in recent years — that the area is producing and sustaining more marine life. However the observations could also be a result from improved technology allowing scientists to gather more information and that the sharks have been there in warm months all along.

Katharine's travels, and those of other great whites tagged by Ocearch, a non-profit group that researches the top predators in the marine food chain, can be followed on Ocearch’s interactive tracking maps at www.ocearch.org.

â–ş Ocearch

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