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DIR Diving with a Closed-Circuit Rebreather? Impossible!

The Doing It Right philosophy can apply to a lot of things. In diving, it means having: * The right Mindset * The right Equipment * The right Procedures ... and the right Tea

By applying this set of rules and techniques, divers have explored caves, wrecks and reefs in various environment all over the world, with impressive safety records. But they did it with conventional Open Circuit SCUBA or RB80 Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreathers. Many divers consider that DIR diving with a Closed-Circuit Rebreather is impossible.

As a matter of fact:
How many times did you see rebreather divers with poor diving skills, bad propulsion techniques and unefficient buoyancy control?

Their rebreathers are far from streamlined and their gear configuration can easily be improved. The procedures they follow are complex and different for each diver, even within the same team. And everything becomes even more difficult in case of emergency or rescue...

The work done by our team will prove that DIR diving is also possible with CCRs. Proper training, thorough planning, equipment selection and adaptation can help the rebreather diver to be a DIR diver. Standardization should help to make simpler and safer dives, avoiding confusion and improving team work and communication, especially when problems occur. Our procedures makes mixed-team diving (OC, SCR and CCR divers) simpler and safer.

All DIRrebreather Active members and Instructors work on CCR gear and procedures standardization. Based on some extensive cave and wreck explorations, and physiological studies, we try to adapt the most current thoughts in decompression into Rebreather diving. We also have the goal to help rebreather divers to improve their personal skills and techniques through articles, DVDs, manuals and specific Workshops. We just released two manuals written by Cedric Verdier, one about Nitrox rebreather Diving, the second one about Mixed-Gas Rebreather. A third one will be finished soon and will focus on extreme dive planning and expeditions.

DIRrebreather is not a training agency. The DIRrebreather team is made of experienced and active Rebreather explorers and instructors who share the same goal: implementing the DIR Philosophy into Rebreather diving.

If you want to fully understand what we do, download: "10 questions about DIRrebreather"

If you are a CCR Diver (Inspiration, Evolution, Megalodon, Sport KISS, Classic KISS, COPIS Meg, Ouroboros, Sentinel, PRISM Topaz, Dive-Rite O2ptima, Titan, Cis-Lunar, MKxx, Homebuilt, etc) who wants to support or join us, please visit the Membership page. Then share your experience and ask your questions on our Member-only forum.

Don't hesitate to contact us by email: DIRrebreather@yahoo.com


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