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Corals are adapting to acidification

Corals are still capable of adapting under current circumstances of sea acidification new research shows.
The average pH of ocean waters was of 8.15 during preindustrial period, and now it has dropped to 8.05; meaning that, the ocean is turning more acid.

The first models indicated that the coral reefs would disappear midcentury, but our study reveals that corals are adapting to the ocean's acidification that has increased since the industrial revolution

—Eduardo Balart Páez, head of research.

Studies by researchers at the Center of Biological Research of the Northeast (Cibnor) analyzed colonies of Porites and Pocillopora along the Gulf of California and the coast of the Mexican Pacific, where a natural acidification gradient exists.

Through samples of coral up to 22 years of age, changes in extension, density and calcification were visualized through time in the coralline skeleton.

The study demonstrated that the ocean's acidification is affecting the coral's growth but not dramatically, moreover the impact is different between males and females.

"This marine organisms are healthy, for the moment, because of a bigger energetic expense given by a genetic adaptation, however as the acidification levels rise there can be a disturbance in the sexual proportions," warned Balart Páez, head of research.

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