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Buddy Travelwing Sub Three Zero

The Buddy Travelwing utilises the same unique lightweight materials and technology sourced to produce the popular Commando Escape travel BCD
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The Buddy Travelwing utilises the same unique lightweight materials and technology sourced to produce the popular Commando Escape travel BCD (launched in 2010). That is, a combination of the toughest available 1000 denier Cordura on the pockets and exterior panels, while the wing itself is welded using top spec 800 denier, OceanSeal800, which is twice as durable as most other bcds on the market, travel or otherwise.

The new wing comes in two sizes: S/M and Large, both of which weigh-in at a flight-friendly sub-3kg.

It comes with integrated weight pouches, which hold up to 5kg of hard or soft lead and are secured with a 25mm buckle and large velcro flap. The inner pouch features the familiar chunky grips for easy weight handling. These pockets can be converted to spacious 2 litre cargo pockets as an alternate use if integrated weights are not to your taste.

Also standard is the time-proven integrated shoulder-dump which dumps at a slower rate than the other two dump valves, making it ideal for (one-handed) fine-tune buoyancy control. With the usual attention to detail Buddy have included their innovative, easy-to-locate, floating dump-valve knob at the lower rear valve. The one at the chest is made from negatively buoyant material, again, for ease of location.

The new wing is extremely comfortable with or without a suit, with very generous padding at shoulders, waist and back. It also features a cummerbund that is size adjustable at front and rear to perfect the fit and has a waistband that can be tightened with either hand.

The Travelwing offers 14.5kg of lift and offers multiple lightweight prebent anodised-aluminium D rings (4 x 50mm on the waist and 3 x 25mm on the shoulders), plus the usual two, very useful, 25mm internal pocket D rings and a hose-retaining clip for efficient equipment management. It has a neat rubber and webbing carry-handle at the rear, a cylinder-retaining strap and a single-cylinder camband, which solidly secures all cylinder sizes up to 15 litres.

All-in-all the new Travelwing is a lightweight package that delivers the high performance, quality and comfort expected of a Buddy DCD.

Suggested Retail Price: ÂŁ345

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