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British Columbia's Southern Gulf Islands

Located between the lower part of Vancouver Island and Mainland Vancouver in the Strait of Georgia, the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada, are made up of over 12 large islands and several smaller ones.
British Columbia's Southern Gulf Islands
Published in X-Ray Issue: 54 - May 2013
Authored by: Barb Roy and Wayne Grant | Photography: Barb Roy | Translation:
The larger, more populated islands are accessible by taking an auto ferry from the Mainland to Nanaimo or to Sidney, just north of Victoria. Visitors can spend a day or several exploring by car, bike or hiking. These islands offer visitors unique crafts from local artisans, excellent vineyards (many with restaurants) and an array of coastal activities. One such water activity rapidly gaining popularity is scuba diving, which can easily be done on a year round basis.

There are several dive charter operators servicing the Southern Gulf Islands, offering two-tank day charters, with assistance in arranging or will provide accommodations. Top this with a commonly mild coastal climate, friendly people and you have the makings of a relaxing BC dive getaway.

PADI Master Dive Instructor, Scott Stevenson, from Pinnacle Scuba Adventures has been diving in the area for over 18 years. “We accommodate all levels of diving from beginner to rebreather and technical,” exclaimed Scott. “We will meet divers or pick people up as needed. Every group is different and we try to give each person the best experience both above and below the water.”

Together with business partner, Jessie Kunce, Pinnacle Scuba Adventures has been in operation for about three years. Scott also said, “Our most popular dive sites are three separate sites around Race Rocks (Victoria area). The first site and probably the most well known is West Race Wall. This site is an amazing wall covered in macro life—from sponges and soft corals to basket stars and sculpins. It is an amazing dive site with almost limitless life and is comparable to popular sites like Browning Wall in Port Hardy or Row and Be Dammed on Quadra Island in Campbell River...

British Columbia's Southern Gulf Islands

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