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Aqua Lung Ava diving glove

Aqua Lung launched their ‘Details’ collection earlier this year. This range of diving equipment “designed by women for women” certainly turned our head, even though on first hearing, the name confused us. 'Details'? According to Aqua Lung, “performance, quality and style are all about the details.”
Rosemary E Lunn / The Underwater Marketing Company
Ava diving glove from Aqua Lung Details collection
“Designed by women for women”, the Ava glove from Aqua Lung's Details range
This collection is visually very attractive and pretty, whilst walking that fine line of not being girly.

There is not a hint of pink to be seen. Instead the signature colour is a rich royal purple called Twilight.

One of the first products we got our hands on in February (at the Fort Lauderdale based Blue Wild show) was the Ava glove.

Making a male glove smaller for female divers doesn't really work. Ladies have longer hands and narrower fingers, and this glove has been cut accordingly to give a better fit. The Ava has also utilised thicker super stretchy neoprene on the back of the hand for warmth, whilst ensuring dexterity is retained because the palm has a thinner neoprene. All the seams are triple glued and blind-stitched.

These gloves come in two thicknesses 3 / 2mm and 6 / 4 mm. The longer tab on the back of the gloves makes donning and doffing a pleasure, and the rubberized palm and fingers provide decent grip.

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