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Achim Schloeffel to dive across the English Channel by end of June

Achim Schloeffel to dive across the English Channel by end of June
Achim Schloeffel did final tests with the gear in Egypt
Credit:   XploreYourLimits
Press Release
Forwarded by:   06-13-2012
Judith Hoppe -- XploreYourLimits press office

Equipped with an optimised configuration in dive equipment and precise instruments, Achim feels well prepared for the challenge that lies ahead of him

Munich, June 12, 2012 – Only a few more days to go: End of June 2012 Achim Schloeffel aims to deliver proof that the tools for technical diving are now mature enough to complete a dive through the English Channel from Dover to Calais without a surface break.

They key part of his equipment for the world record attempt in diving is a modified Bonex Scooter shuttle, reaching a velocity of 160 metres per minute (= 9,6 km/h) during the test dives. The speed of the regular models of the manufacturer typically goes up to 85 metres per minute. Thanks to the improved performance and using the currents to his advantage, the professional diver expects to complete the dive within eight hours. An additional two hours for decompression at the French coast will be needed, before Achim Schloeffel will surface again.

In order to register the dive profile without interruption and well documenting the dive, specialized manufacturer Heinrichs Weikamp is supporting the dive with suitable instruments. The risk of hypothermia that comes along with the low water temperatures of 13° Celsius will be tackled by using thermal protection gear from fourth element which likewise have been tested successfully during the last test dives.

Only against the noise that Achim Schloeffel will encounter during the dive under the shipway with the densest traffic in the world, no protection is possible. The noise is putting stress on the diver as well as all living creature in the waters of the North Sea and English Channel. Reason enough for the professional diver to become project ambassador for the last bottlenose dolphins of the North Sea on behalf of non-profit organisation Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society WDCS and raising funds at

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