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10 Q & A’s About DIR Rebreather

What is DIRrebreather? Since its implementation a few years ago, the Doing It Right (DIR) philosophy has gained in popularity not only in the cave diving community and amongst technical divers, but it has also spread to the recreational diving community across the world.
10 Q & A’s About DIR Rebreather
Published in X-Ray Issue: 23 - May 2008
Authored by: Cedric Verdier | Photography: | Translation:
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 Until recently, it was only open circuit scuba divers and a handful of semi-closed circuit rebreather divers who could apply these good principles to their equipment configuration and dive procedures. In this context Closed-Circuit Rebreather divers have been the black sheep of the family, as their units were dangerous and their procedures dodgy.

However, almost clandestinely, some CCR divers and Instructors decided to found what is now called DIRrebreather and to set up logical and simple rules, so we could apply the DIR principles to CCR diving. We just dreamt about bringing together the best of both worlds!

The DIRrebreather team is made of experienced and active rebreather explorers and instructors who share the same goal: implementing the DIR Philosophy into rebreather diving.

But why use DIR with a rebreather? Well, ask yourself the following: How many times have you seen rebreather divers with poor diving skills, bad propulsion techniques and inefficient buoyancy control? How many times have you seen rebreather divers with gear configurations that could easily be improved? How many times did you observe rebreather divers following complex procedures that were different for each diver even within the same team?

We strongly believe that with proper training, thorough planning, team procedures, equipment selection and adaptation, the rebreather diver can also be a DIR diver. Standardization should make for simpler and safer dives, avoid confusion and improve team work and communication, especially when problems occur.

Why another Training Agency?
DIRrebreather is not a training agency. We don’t sell certification cards. We inform rebreather divers about what we do and how we do it. All DIRrebreather members and instructors work on CCR gear and procedures standardization. Based on some extensive cave and wreck explorations, and physiological studies, we try to adapt the most current thoughts in decompression into rebreather diving.

We also have the goal to help rebreather divers to improve their personal skills and techniques through articles, DVDs, manuals and specific workshops. To that end, we have set up a forum to discuss how to improve the standards and the equipment.

We also have a newsletter to keep our members informed about current expeditions and how to participate. We set up

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10 Q & A’s About DIR Rebreather

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