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Finnish divers locate intact WW1 German submarine in the Baltic

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The boat was found in the western Gulf of Finland after being lost without a trace for nearly a century

German WWI battleship bell discovered in a Bristol garden

Konig class battleship SMS Grosser Kurfurst, ships bell, Rosemary E Lunn, XRay
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A bell from a German World War I battleship is set to fetch ÂŁ5,000 at auction.

Hungarian WW1 battleship to be explored

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Hungarian frogmen to map the wreck of SMS Franz Joseph I, a WW1 battle cruiser of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy which rest in the Adriatic sea

Startling underwater discovery at Gallipoli battlefield

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Underwater archaeologists exploring Turkey’s Gallipoli coast have discovered a sombering relic from the famous WWI battle.

Wreck laden with precious cognac located in the Baltic

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The 220-tonne Swedish steamship Kyros which was carrying hundreds of bottles of cognac and liqueurs when it was torpedoed by a German u-boat on May 19, 1917 has been located by Finnish divers

Thieves target historic British submarine wreck

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English Heritage said divers stole the torpedo tube hatch of the Holland 5, which sank six miles off Eastbourne in East Sussex in 1912.

Divers warned to treat to war graves with respect

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Divers are being warned to treat a wrecked warship and official war grave of 75 crewmen with utmost respect.


X-Ray Magazine article |  
World-class diving in a challenging environment.
36 - May 2010 | Diving in Sweden

Scapa Flow - The Wrecks of Scotland’s Orkney Islands

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Situated 25 km (15 miles) north of the Scottish mainland, the Orkney Islands are located on the same latitude as southern Greenland, Alaska and Leningrad, however Orkney is bathed in the warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift that first started out as the Gulf Stream in the Caribbean. Hence, a profusion of marine life, water that rarely gets too cold and mild winters, whilst the islands are inevitable windy, the almost landlocked bay of Scapa Flow is sheltered for diving all year round. The Orkney Islands are created by submergence and give the impression of tipping westwards into the sea. There are great sea stacks, arches, caves and caverns all around the coast, some of which are world famous such as the Old Man of Hoy, and they have a total land mass of around 971.25km2 (375 square miles).
31 - Sep 2009 | Scapa Flow

German submarine lost during WWI found off Dutch coast

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The Dutch Navy has discovered a German submarine which was lost along with its more than 40 crew members during the First World War
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