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Tall and wooden ships

Canada's Most Northerly Known Shipwreck

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The Canadian Armed Forces and Parks Canada teamed up to capture stunning new underwater images of Canada's most northerly shipwreck, which dates back to the mid-19th century.

United States Coast Survey steamer added to National Register of Historic Places

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The wreck of the ship Robert J. Walker, a steamer that served in the U.S. Coast Survey,, has been added to the National Register of Historic Places, NOAA informs

Civil War-era paddlesteamer located in lake Huron

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A crew of deep water divers found the ship using side scan sonar in June of 2013

Oldest commercial shipwreck In Great Lakes history discovered

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The sunken remains of a vessel that’s believed to be the oldest confirmed commercial schooner shipwreck in the Great Lakes has been found in Lake Ontario near Oswego.

Wreck of Japanese pearling ship in Australia to be protected

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The only known wreck of a Japanese pearling mothership in Australian waters will be protected for its historical significance, the Australian government said Sunday

Shipwreck exhibit is on in Penghu, China

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Artifacts from sunken ships discovered near the Penghu Islands has gone on display on at an exhibition in Penghu promoting the preservation of underwater artifacts.

UK shipwrecks to be surveyed

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English Heritage has announced that 88 shipwrecks around the British coast dating back before 1840 are to be investigated

19th century British ship found off Yucatan

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Mexican archeologists has discovered the remains of a 19th century British ship

Archaeologists hope to identify mysterious shipwreck off Scotland

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Experts believe it could be the remains of a Dutch vessel that sank more than 300 years ago.

Mystery wreck found in Stockholm's inner harbour

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Two wrecks dating from the 17th century have been located just off Kastellholmen, a small island in the centre of Stockholm, expressen.se reports
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