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Divers loot Costa Concordia

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Scuba-diving looters have been removing items from the wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia that ran aground off Tuscany Jan. 13, Italian authorities said.

Titanic wreck now protected by UNESCO

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Titanic will come under UNESCO protection this month because it has now rested at the bottom of the Atlantic for 100 years

Glenn Butler speaking about the RMS Republic wreck in NYC

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On January 11, 2012 7PM at McGees Irish Pub at the NYC Sea Gypsies January meeting Glenn Butler will be making a multi-media presentation on the wreck of the RMS Republic and the salvage and archeological work his salvage team performed.

Titanic artefacts goes up on auction

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More than 5,500 items including fine china, ship fittings and portions of hull that were recovered from the ocean liner have an estimated value of $189 million. The auction is scheduled for April 1.

President Coolidge

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Henry Nelson. Does the name ring a bell? You’ll not find him in any history book or see any monuments to his honor. However, the thousands of scuba divers who visit Vanuatu every year should bless this name. This former French/English colony, which was named New Hebrides till 1980, was also the second most important US base in the pacific during WWII. The 80 islands strategically located between Fiji and Australia is still home to some remains of this strange time. Amongst them is the wreck of the SS President Coolidge.
15 - Feb 2007 | President Coolidge

Correcting a common Myth

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On behalf of Douglas J. Faulkner Woolley, owner of rights to RMS Titanic and Queen Elizabeth (Seawise University)

French divers locate steamer sunk in 1892

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After a two year long search, French divers Florent M. Locatelli, Lerome Espla and Romain Lhost reach and identify the wreck of the steamer Maréchal Canrobert resting at a depth of 108m.

Titanic Artifacts Not For Sale

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“Finder’s keepers” is the rule when it comes to the Titanic, but at a price! Last month, a US judge awarded ownership of more than 3,000 artifacts recovered from the famous shipwreck to the company that recovered them. RMS Titanic Inc. (RMST) has been battling courts in the US for almost 20 years to gain title of the valuable artifacts.

New microscopic life aboard the RMS Titanic

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A brand-new bacterial species has been found aboard the RMS Titanic, which is contributing to its deterioration. The discovery reveals a potential new microbial threat to the exterior of ships and underwater metal structures such as oil rigs.

First new images of Titanic debris field emerge

Bow of Titanic
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A high-tech expedition that aims to create a detailed map of the wreckage of the Titanic has begun exploring the ocean floor where the ship sank nearly one hundred years ago,
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