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Ferries and cargo ships

Wreckhunters find Canadian Steamer which sank in 1916

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Jim Kennard and partners have located the shipwreck of the Roberval, 128-foot Canadian steamer that sank nearly a century ago in lake Ontario

The freighter SS Henry B Smith

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Deepest shipwreck ever found in the Great Lakes

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The 424-foot SS Scotiadoc which sank after colliding with another freighter in June 1953 has been found at a depth of 850 feet.

Canadian Coast Guard to clean up WW2 wreck

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U.S. Army transport ship that sank in the Grenville Channel in British Columbia in 1946 has been leaking oil for some time.

Mythic freighter found in Lake Superior

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One of the most sought-after lost wrecks of Lake Superior — the freighter Henry B. Smith — has been found

Russian divers find shipwrecked gold cargo

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Divers have located a sunken cargo ship loaded with 700 tons of gold ore shipwrecked off Russia's Far East coast, the Russian transport ministry said on Wednesday.

Mystery Florida wreck about to be identified

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Maritime archaeologists speculate that a mystery shipwreck that grounded on Florida's reefs in April 1911 could be the British steamship Hannah M. Bell.

Diving the Arrow

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It’s an unsettled kind of morning on Chedabucto Bay of Canada’s east coast. The sun is shining—it’s really quite pleasant—but there’s a brisk wind blowing from the southwest. What that translates into here in the waters between Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia is heavy seas. We’re pounding through four to six foot swells in a 25-foot rigid hull inflatable boat. The ride out to the dive site is turning out to be a wild, you might say bone-jarring, experience. All this for a dive that I’m still not certain I want to do at all.
50 - Sep 2012 | Diving the Arrow

19th-century steamship found in New York

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A mid1800’s paddle-wheeler have been located in the deep depths of Seneca Lake south of Geneva, New York.

Diving banned on the Zenobia

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Diving on one of the world's most famous wrecks, the Zenobia, which arguably is Cyprus' biggest dive attraction, has been banned by port authorities in a controversial move that is a devastating blow to the local dive industry
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