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Has Columbus' flagship Santa Maria been found?

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Archaeological investigators think they may have discovered the wreck of Christopher Columbus’s flagship, the Santa Maria

Archaeological diving parks to open in Greece

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Both parks located near Pylos in the southwestern Peloponnese

Shipwreck exhibit is on in Penghu, China

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Artifacts from sunken ships discovered near the Penghu Islands has gone on display on at an exhibition in Penghu promoting the preservation of underwater artifacts.

Heracleion - the lost Egyptian city revealed after 1,200 years

Article citing other sources |  
The lost city found underwater in the Mediterranean Sea is set to be revealed next week in a special television documentary.

Mysterious monument found in Sea of Galilee

Article citing other sources |  
A monumental stone structure discovered beneath the waters of the Sea of Galilee in Israel has archaeologists puzzled.

Mystery wreck found in Stockholm's inner harbour

Article citing other sources |  
Two wrecks dating from the 17th century have been located just off Kastellholmen, a small island in the centre of Stockholm, expressen.se reports

Mystery Florida wreck about to be identified

Article with video |  
Maritime archaeologists speculate that a mystery shipwreck that grounded on Florida's reefs in April 1911 could be the British steamship Hannah M. Bell.

Search is on for Capt. Cook's Endeavour

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A marine archaeologist is hoping to find and recover the wreck of Capt. James Cook's famous ship the Endeavour in Newport Harbor.

China finds 12 underwater relic sites

note |  
Archaeologists in China say they have discovered 12 new underwater cultural relics sites near the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea.

Beer from 1840's shipwreck anyone?

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Researchers from Finland have found a bottle of beer from a shipwreck in the 1840s. The chemical analysis of the beer would allow them with the help of the master brewer to re-create a beer that tastes much the same.

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