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Tips for Travellers

Tips for Travellers that are not specific to locations or destinations. I.e. issues with luggage and security, small tips

The science of jet lag... and how best to beat it

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Jet lag is exhausting, disorientating, and can even make you lose your appetite and libido.

Track Your Stuff

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New apps help alleviate lost baggage woes

Google Street View expands to airports and train stations

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Travelers can familiarize themselves with facilities prior to arrival

Wreck Trek Passport

Press releases |  
The Best Place to Dive in North America just got better

SAS Crew Guide 2012

Books & Media |  With the new Crew Guide SAS continue to recognize and promote the voice of their crew, giving you the chance to benefit from their unique knowledge and passion for travel.

Earol Swim Tea Tree Oil

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Have Rebreather, Will Travel

X-Ray Magazine article |  
As the word, rebreather, gains readership in diving magazines, brings novelty to shows and fills the mouths of renowned instructors many industry professionals are thinking of “rebreatherizing” themselves. This is predictable, as the rebreather has been hailed as the “greatest diving innovation since the regulator”.

Travelling with Dive Equipment

note |  
In these days of increased air security and more stringent rules regarding baggage and carry-on luggage, it’s becoming a greater challenge for divers to reach their destinations. In regards to dive equipment as checked or carry-on baggage, there are a few important points to note.

Rigging Your Gear

Rigging your u/w camera gear
X-Ray Magazine article |  
Underwater photography requires more than your basic dive gear and cameras. Sometimes it’s the often overlooked accessories and customized set ups that help you safely and conveniently capture the shot in difficult or unexpected conditions. Some accessories simply make your life a little easier, while others help you avoid ditching your camera in an emergency.
12 - Aug 2006 | Rigging

Cruise Ship Diving

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Diving from a cruise ship? How do you enter the water? Must be a heck of a drop if you roll in backwards!
37 - Aug 2010 | Cruise Ship Diving

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