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Unique Divesite

Namibian Sinkholes

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Who could imagine for a minute that Namibia is a diving destination?
59 - Mar 2014 | Namibian Sinkholes

Star City —Hydrospace without barriers

X-Ray Magazine article |  
In late April 2013, a dele-gation of 16 people from IAHD Adriatic – International Association for Handicapped Divers visited Moscow in Russia to become the first disabled divers to dive in the Hydro Lab of the Russian cosmonaut testing facility located in Star City.
57 - Nov 2013 | Star City

Yonaguni Jima

Unique Dive Site Yonaguni
X-Ray Magazine article |  
Lured by stories of schooling hammerhead sharks and a lost city submerged below the surface, Farhat Jah headed out on the long journey to Japan’s westernmost island.
54 - May 2013 | Yonaguni Jima

South Georgia

X-Ray Magazine article |  
South Georgia is the most well-known of the Falkland Islands, also called Islas Malvinas. It lies nearly at the end of the world in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. To find this place on the map, draw an equilateral triangle with one vertex on Cape Horn and another on the Antarctic Peninsula. The third vertex in the east is our destination.
49 - July 2012 | South Georgia

Diving the Dead Sea

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Having dived in plenty of spots around the world, I am always on the lookout for an unusual destination with unusual dives. It goes without saying that diving in the Dead Sea is not commonly found on the list of classic dives, and that’s what attracted me to it. The inland sea is located 425 meters below sea level. It is the deepest place on Earth.
47 - Mar 2012 | The Dead Sea

Belize's Great Blue Hole

X-Ray Magazine article |  
We jump into the water as a pair of bull sharks swim past. As we descend into the depths of the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize, the light slowly dims. Bubbles from our regulators form silvery plumes that cascade to the surface.
01 - Oct 2004 | Great Blue Hole

Catacombs of Paris

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Paris. City of lights, but of shadows, too. The capital has become a sought-out place for urban exploration. With walks across roofs, through the subways and the sewers and the ancient quarries known as the “Catacombs”.
19 - Oct 2007 | Catacombs of Paris

Thingvellir, Iceland

X-Ray Magazine article |  
As I slide out of the shallow basin and drag myself past the top edge of the drop-off, I find myself hovering in an empty void. Between me and the rock plateau far beneath me, I seem to have nothing but a clear space. It is almost disturbing. Aside from the feeling of drag when moving, it is almost impossible to detect the water we are in. Only the rising stream of bubbles from the air we exhale, gives any indication that we are indeed well submerged in some of the clearest water on the planet, if not the clearest. Visibility just seems endless, almost like air, making long distances difficult to judge.

Moscow River

X-Ray Magazine article |  
“Moscow—Port of Five Seas” is written on the banner of the north river terminal in Moscow. It’s true; the city sits on the banks of the Moskva River (Moscow River), which leads to several large bodies of water via canals including the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. But I think, the slogan also reflects the city’s inhabitants’ love of diving. Just looking at the shear number of dive centers in the city, Moscow is “in front of the entire planet” among world capitals. And it all begins with a modest spring, which trickles out from under a pretty, little chapel at the 148th kilometer of Minsk Highway.
33 - Dec 2009 | Moscow River

Crystal River

Manatees - Crystal River - Peter Symes
X-Ray Magazine article |  
I once had a cat that approached me exactly like that. Coming right at me, top of the head first until … bump … “scratch me!” It then slowly rolled over onto its back to blissfully enjoy a good belly-rub. Only this ‘kitty’ was a 2000-pounder, with flippers instead of paws, but still, unmistakably cute and cuddly. A close encounter with the docile manatee leaves no one untouched. These gentle giants seem friendly and curious, as they seek out close contact with humans.
30 - Jul 2009 | Crystal River
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