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Listeners, Watchers & Doers

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Is it the agency or the instructor that’s important?

So You Want to Be a Scuba Instructor

X-Ray Magazine article |  
… just as soon as you get OW certified

Rebreather Education and Safety Association

article |  
RESA – the Rebreather Education and Safety Association – recently held its first public meeting.


Books & Media |  Dave van Stijn’s and Mike Harterink’s Scubasigns is a handy guide to underwater communication. Unlike some hand-signal guides that attempt to create new extensive hand-signal languages, the 288-page soft cover shows nearly 500 hand signals that are regularly used by divers.

DIR Diving with a Closed-Circuit Rebreather? Impossible!

article |  
The Doing It Right philosophy can apply to a lot of things. In diving, it means having: * The right Mindset * The right Equipment * The right Procedures ... and the right Tea
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