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Lessons Learned

Diving incident survey - your help is requested

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Gareth Lock is conducting an investigation into diving incidents. 1000 respondents is needed to provide robust analysis.

Christmas Day Dive Ends In Tragedy As Father And Son Die

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The Hernando County Sheriff's Office has reported that Dillon Sanchez (15) and his father Darrin Spivey (35) were trying out new dive equipment Sanchez had received as a Christmas present. The pair visited the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge on Christmas morning and dived Eagle's Nest Sink cave.

BSAC publishes its 2012 Diving Incidents Report

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The 2012 Diving Incidents Report, produced by British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) contains details of UK sports diving incidents occurring to divers of all affiliations, plus incidents occurring worldwide involving BSAC members.

Lessons learned - A thirst for life.

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Not all technical dives end up successfully; unforeseen circumstances often make an elaborate dive plan go completely wrong. What will a person do when it’s a question of life or death? Give it all up and submit, or fight until the end, trying to find the way out?

Male divers are most disturbing to the environment

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A study by researchers at University of Alicante, Spain shows that male divers do more damage than female divers.

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