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Safety Culture: What is it and do I have it?

X-Ray Magazine article |  
In August 2012, I wrote an article which discussed just culture and what this meant in the context of recreational and technical scuba diving, and using this concept, how we can improve diving safety.
60 - May 2014 | Safety Culture

SSI Appoints Technical Training Director, Adam Wood

Adam Wood, SSI, Technical Training, Robert Stoss, Steve Newman, Scuba, Roz Lunn
Press releases |  
Scuba Schools International (SSI), the premier education and business support organisation, are pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Wood as SSI Technical Training Director.

Paul Toomer Joins RAID International

Paul V Toomer, RAID, Rebreather Association International Divers, X-Ray Magazi
article |  
It is with immense pleasure that RAID (Rebreather Association International Divers) announces the appointment of Paul V Toomer as Director of Diver Training.

Microdive Introduces World’s First Scuba Qualification For Swimming Pool Divers

Press releases |  
In a move that recognises the first stage in new scuba diver’s training, Microdive Ltd has introduced a qualification for the successful completion of the initial studies of the diving theory and swimming pool phases of the Microdive RYA Basic diver 3-metre course.

InnerSpace Explorers expands network of exploration centers

Press releases |  
New partners in Egypt, Austria, Germany and Mallorca offer a broad portfolio of interesting dive spots

Team Diving

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Recreational diver training agencies have always encouraged divers to adopt the buddy system and always dive in buddy pairs. Diving in a group made up of more than two people has been described as undesirable, while most agencies explicitly ban solo diving.
41 - Mar 2011 | Team Diving

A Stretcher In Deep Water

X-Ray Magazine article |  
That’s it! We managed to take a stretcher to a depth of 54 meters and a total distance of more than 450 meters. What a human and technical achievement!

Lessons from Technical Diving

Lessons from Technical Diving
X-Ray Magazine article |  
Diving is an activity that appeals to a huge selection of people, and within diving, there are almost as many ways to enjoy the sport as there are participants. During the 1990’s scuba diving became a mass participation sport.


X-Ray Magazine article |  
Since the introduction of Scuba diving in the mid 1950s, one of the most hotly debated subjects in the world of technical diving is that regarding the best type of gear configuration. Over the years, many experienced divers, instructors, and training agencies, have all claimed that their method and style of kit configuration is the best.
05 - Jun 2005 | Configuration

The Wake UP call

X-Ray Magazine article |  
A long time ago, I sat in hoosha (Bedouin tent) after a deep air dive in the Blue Hole (Dahab, South Sinai, Red Sea). My good friend and dive buddy had less than an hour ago peeled me of the wall near the bottom of the Blue Hole. I had succumbed to deep water blackout, caused by a high degree of stupidity, wrong kit and inadequate training.
11 - Jun 2006 | The Wake Up call

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