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Deep Wrecks

Maluku Divers to establish Tech Diving in Ambon

article |  
Maluku Divers in Ambon, Indonesia has embarked on the exploration of the deeper and unexplored parts of Ambon Bay as part of an overall initiative to establish technical diving in the area where there at least 18 ships that have been registered as having sunk in the bay itself.

Divers find Swiss plane lost 34 years ago

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Portuguese divers have found the remains of a Swiss aircraft that sank off Porto Novo, Madeira, in December 1977, BBC wrires

Japanese Battleship

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Nowadays, the name Yamashiro could have different meanings depending on where you come from. If you live in Los Angeles, a huge pagoda near Hollywood is the oldest structure in California and hosts a famous restaurant named Yamashiro or “Mountain palace” in Japanese. If you live in Kyoto, Japan, Yamashiro is the name of an area close-by. And for the older generation, it’s also the name of a never forgotten Japanese battleship lost during WWII during one of the major battles of naval history, the battle of Leyte, October 1944. Finally, if you’re a scuba diver, you might have heard about the wreck of the HIJMS Yamashiro as definitely the most challenging shipwreck in the world, because of the remoteness of the location, the extreme depth and the very bad diving conditions.
13 - Oct 2006 | Japanese Battleship

No Secret for Victoria!

X-Ray Magazine article |  
What does a fish exporter from Norway, a Chief Information Officer and diving instructor living in the Netherlands, a renowned lawyer based in Cyprus, a Project Manager working in Sweden, and an expat French Technical Diving Instructor have in common?
26 - Oct 2008 | No Secret for Victoria!

Technical Diving Paradise In Pacific NW

X-Ray Magazine article |  
I often raise a few eyebrows when I exclaim, “I’ll take diving in the Pacific Northwest over anyplace else in the world.” And it’s true.

Finding Yolanda wreck

X-Ray Magazine article |  
I checked in at Gatwick Airport on Saturday, the third of December, with three very large dive bags containing all the necessary equipment to make a descent, hopefully, to the deepest wreck ever dived.
09 - Feb 2006 | Finding Yolanda


X-Ray Magazine article |  
World-class diving in a challenging environment.
36 - May 2010 | Diving in Sweden

Aftermath — at the nuclear playground

X-Ray Magazine article |  
During the period between 1945 and 1958, a total of 67 nuclear tests were conducted on Bikini and Eniwetok Atolls and adjacent regions within the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
29 - May 2009 | Aftermath

President Coolidge

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Henry Nelson. Does the name ring a bell? You’ll not find him in any history book or see any monuments to his honor. However, the thousands of scuba divers who visit Vanuatu every year should bless this name. This former French/English colony, which was named New Hebrides till 1980, was also the second most important US base in the pacific during WWII. The 80 islands strategically located between Fiji and Australia is still home to some remains of this strange time. Amongst them is the wreck of the SS President Coolidge.
15 - Feb 2007 | President Coolidge

The Quest for Yolanda

X-Ray Magazine article |  
I was on a deco stop in the cold waters of the national dive centre in the UK when my thoughts turned to diving the warmer waters of the Red Sea and particularly the wreck of the Yolanda, or should I say, to the question of where the wreck of the Yolanda came to rest.
06 - Aug 2005 | The Quest for Yolanda
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