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Last Call for TEKDiveUSA.2014 Tickets

TEKDiveUSA, Simon Mitchell, Neal Pollock, UHMS, Deep Stops, Rosemary Lunn, X-Ray
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It is 21 days and counting until TEKDiveUSA.2014 (www.tekdiveusa.com) If you are eager to know more about diving, it is worth buying your pass to North American's inaugural advanced and technical diving conference.

TEKDiveUSA.2014 Launches Photography Competition

TEKDiveUSA, photography competition, advanced and tech diving conference,
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Every image you have seen of awe inspiring advanced and technical diving feats or spectacular underwater scenes was captured by a photographer willing to lug heavy equipment into an extreme environment.

Win A Light Monkey Lighting System!

TEKDiveUSA, Light Monkey 26 watt LED Lighting System, Deep Stops, Roz Lunn
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Not bought your TEKDiveUSA.2014 ticket yet? This is the month to do so!

OZTeK2015: Breath-Taking Adventure

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Continuing to challenge the many myths and misconceptions that still surround the term “technical diving”, OZTeK2015 is again poised to deliver a diving event like no other; a potent mix of information, education, entertainment and inspiration wrapped up in a single show aimed at everyone who dives – regardless of experience level – and whose minds remain open and receptive to all of diving’s exciting possibilities.

Hear About Jill Heinerth's Ice Island At TEKDiveUSA.2014

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Jill Heinerth has dived further into caves than any woman in history. She is also one of a handful of people to dive inside an iceberg.

OZTeK2015 - Passing the Baton

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Helping to shape the diving world of tomorrow, the OZTeK Diving Conference & Exhibition has, since its inception in 1999, firmly established itself as an internationally acclaimed diving event without equal; a dynamic showcase for the very best that the world of diving has to offer and one that consistently delivers on all that it promises.

Improving Rebreather Safety

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How can rebreather diving be made safer? That was the question at the core of the numerous presentations and discussions at Rebreather Forum 3 (RF3) held in Orlando, Florida, this May.

Rebreather Forum 3 consensus statements

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The Rebreather Forum 3 consensus statements have been released. These were written up by Dr. Simon Mitchell and voted/ agreed upon by the attendees present in the final session of the meeting.

Achim Schloeffel to dive across the English Channel by end of June

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Equipped with an optimised configuration in dive equipment and precise instruments, Achim feels well prepared for the challenge that lies ahead of him

1st Meeting Pinguim Sub Tek - Algarve - Portugal

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3 days devoted only to Tek Diving OC & CCR

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