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Tiger shark travel long distances

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A tiger shark named Chantal has been tracked from Bahamas to Cape Cod area

Why sharks don't get cavities

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Shark teeth made of natural fluoride

Tiger shark grabs camera and swims off

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Bubbles to keep sharks and people apart

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Using bubbles to scare off sharks is one of the methods being considered by researchers to address the high number of fatal shark attacks in Western Australia.

More basking sharks in UK waters

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Marine Conservation Society data reveals more people are spotting these marine giants - and they're getting bigger!

Endangered Species still served at Hong Kong luxury hotels

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Despite Peninsula Hotels high-profile removal of shark’s fin from its menu, many Hong Kong luxury hotels have yet to follow suit.

Venezuela Bans Commercial Shark Fishing

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Venezuela has set forth a series of measures for shark protection within its waters.

Australia 'has two distinct white shark populations'

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A new scientific study shows that while the sharks can roam around Australia and across ocean basins, they repeatedly return to their home region to breed.

NSW protects threatened hammerheads

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The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) welcomes moves to protect threatened hammerhead sharks in New South Wales waters.

Pacific reef shark populations in rapid decline

Large numbers of grey reef sharks (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) were observed at
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New estimates of reef sharks compared numbers around populated islands in the Pacific with those living near uninhabited ones. The results were sobering, say researchers.

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