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Governments set to tackle international shark trade

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A group of countries are taking action to protect sharks under an international treaty.

Courts Asia rules out shark fin soup for good

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Courts Asia has announced it is taking a corporate-wide pledge to not eat or serve shark fin soup.

Variations in white shark's diet revealed

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Not all white sharks are alike – at least when it comes to the sort of food they like to eat.

Many sharks are colour blind

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New research which could help to deter and conserve sharks has confirmed that many of the ocean predators are probably completely colour blind.

Grey nurse shark gets protection

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Critically endangered grey nurse shark to be protected by NSW government.

Bad management endangers sharks in the Coral Triangle

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WWF and TRAFFIC recently released a new report that shows the need for a more concerted effort in managing shark fisheries in the Coral Triangle, to help conserve dwindling populations of these threatened species.

Unlocking the secrets of the Greenland Shark

X-Ray Magazine article |  
One of the dreams of any naturalist is to be the first to find and detail the life of a hidden or unknown animal first hand. Since 2003, scientific divers with the Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group (GEERG) have begun to unravel the mysterious life of the Greenland shark, which at over seven meters in maximum body length and exceeding a ton in weight, is the second largest carnivorous shark after the great white.

Sharks learn from each other

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Juvenile lemon sharks found capable of using socially derived information to learn about novel features in their environment a new study finds

Sea-Surfing Robot Deployed to Help Track White Sharks in the Pacific

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New high-tech ocean observers debut above "The Blue Serengeti"; "Shark Net" app lets public follow tagged animals in real time

Protection for Great white sharks... or not

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Three environmental groups petitioned the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to list the West Coast population of great white sharks under the Endangered Species Act.

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