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Keeping bull sharks out of canals

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Healthy natural river systems help keeping bull sharks away from man-made canals.

Western Australia invests millions in shark deterrents

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WA government has announced AUS $2 million in funding for shark hazard-reduction research, following one of the worst years for shark attacks in the state’s history.

World's largest shark sanctuary created

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Cook Islands declared a 1.9 million-sq-km sanctuary, contiguous with one established last week by neighbouring French Polynesia.

Tourism has no effect on Ningaloo Reef whale sharks

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Five-year study concludes tourism not affecting Ningaloo Reef whale sharks

Stronger Shark Finning Ban Endorsed by European Parliament

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Conservation groups are celebrating today’s European Parliament vote to close loopholes in the European Union ban on shark finning (slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea), the culmination of six years of campaigning and debate.

Australia exporting shark fins to the world

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The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) reveilles that Australian fisheries continue to support the international trade in shark fin.

Shark brains similar to humans

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Shark's brains share several common features with those of humans.

Bull sharks have strongest bite of any shark

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Relative to body size, bull sharks bite harder than their larger relatives.

Manta Ray Bay Resort welcomes Shark School

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Shark School - May 22-30, 2013

Man drags Great White Shark back into ocean

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