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Where and Why Sharks Attack

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The reasons for shark attacks and the question of when and where they might occur has always been the subject of intense scientific interest in the effort to make seaside recreation as safe as possible.

Wobbegongs of Raja Ampat

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Beautifully adapted to an ambush predator existence, wobbegongs rely on their exquisitely cryptic coloration to avoid detection and catch their prey by surprise.
54 - May 2013 | Wobbegongs of Raja Ampat

Two Heads! Dicephalia in a Bull Shark Pup

dicephalia image
Article citing other sources |  
First record of dicephalia in a bull shark foetus from the Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.

Planned Kenyan whale shark 'enclosure' infuriates conservationists

article |  
Enclosure would house two whale sharks, allowing visitors to dive or snorkel with them.

Indonesia Creates Sanctuary for Sharks and Mantas

Article citing other sources |  
Indonesia has announced that it will set aside a haven for sharks and manta rays in a remote dive destination located in what is known as the “Amazon of the Ocean” due to its abundant and diverse marine life.

Oceanic whitetips roam long distances

Article citing other sources |  
New research on migratory behavior of oceanic whitetip sharks can help shape conservation strategies

When Sharks Really Attack

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Anyone who has faced an gitated shark has felt the power of communication through bodylanguage. The response is so immediate and so physical, that emotion, expressing through body language, is revealed as an important medium of pre-vocal communication among animals.

Embryonic sharks play dead to evade predators

Article citing other sources |  
Shark pups in embryos play dead in a predator presence, literally holding their breath and becoming still, shutting down their own electric field.

Shark ID course for UK fishermen

Article citing other sources |  
Fishermen in Northern England are to be trained to identify different shark species in a project to help protect stocks.

Irish basking shark went to Africa

Article citing other sources |  
A five metre basking shark that spends its summers in Lough Foyle and near Malin Head has been detected off the western coast of Africa.
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