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Sharks thrive in marine reserves

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Compared with waters where fishing is allowed, there are up to four times as many reef sharks in a protected zone, a new study shows

Thresher sharks use their tail to stun and kill

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New observations provide first clear evidence that thresher sharks really do hunt with their tails

Pacific Great White Shark not endangered NOAA finds

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Northeastern Pacific Ocean population of great white sharks does not warrant listing under the Endangered Species Act, NOAA announced Friday

Air New Zealand joins ban on shark fin cargo

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Air New Zealand have confirmed that the airline will no longer transport shark parts effective immediately. “Given the small quantity of this product that is offered for carriage and the difficulty of confirming whether the source is sustainable or not, the decision has been taken to no longer accept shark fin for carriage.”

Fewer than 1,000 Great White sharks remain in South Africa

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Population not recovered since being granted protected status in 1991.

Another Shark with Two Heads!

This two-headed blue shark foetus was found by fisherman Christopher Johnston in
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Diving with Big Sharks

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Recreational diving has become a powerful influence in overcoming the barrier to shark conservation resulting from negative media hype.

Dusky Shark one step closer to protection

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A scientific study is to determine whether the dusky shark should be listed as a “threatened” species under the Endangered Species Act.

Air Pacific takes heat for transporting shark fin

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Fiji's national carrier accused by conservationists in Hong Kong of hypocrisy for backing conservation for public relations while flying shark fins to HK

Shark behaviour affected by full moon

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New research suggests grey reef sharks behave differently depending on lunar cycle

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