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Sharks Don't Cry

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Hong Kong bans shark fin at official functions

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Landmark decision hailed by conservation groups after decade-long campaign

Kenya rejects proposal to capture whale sharks

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Government disallows plans to create artificial marine enclosure stocked with wild-caught whale sharks

International Wildlife Artist Releases New Limited Edition

Portrait of a Tiger
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Healing of a Shark's Bite

Great White Shark Bitten
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Gatherings of the Gentle Giants

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Underwater photographer Peter Verhoog of the Dutch Shark Society is on a mission—a mission to save sharks. He wants to raise awareness for sharks and their fate among a wide audience. One of the ways to do this is to show people not only the beauty of sharks but also shark behaviour and their sometimes worldwide migration and feeding patterns.

"Walking" shark found in Indonesia

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Conservation International's Mark Erdmann captures some amazing footage of a new species of shark, which seems to be walking on its fins.

Shark Week Begins

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While the rest of the world is increasingly appreciative of sharks and the magnificence of diving with them, Discovery Network continues to pedal its false portrayal of sharks as monsters.

What are sharks doing when no one is looking?

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On the Ethology of Reef Sharks

What Are Sharks Aware Of?

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