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New Zealand bans Shark Finning

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The decision to ban shark finning has been hailed as "a great victory" by the Green Party.

Hunted Out of Fear

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The shark is an apex predator that has been on this earth for over 400 million years—a predator that, through the media and our deep-seated fears, has been systematically targeted and hunted throughout the world's oceans, pushing many species close to extinction
58 - Jan 2014 | Hunted Out of Fear

Who should be afraid...sharks or humans?

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Aerial shark patrols labelled inefficient

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An Australian government report has found aerial surveys of the NSW coastline are an inefficient and expensive way to protect swimmers from sharks

Lemon sharks return to their exact birthplace to breed

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Female lemon sharks that were born in Bimini returned 15 years later to give birth to their own young, DNA analysis shows.

Donsol whale sharks make comeback

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Philippines tourist town reports rise in shark numbers

Extinction Soup--A Film

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Costa Rican shark finners finds way around anti-shark finning regulations

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Interpol released a purple alert Wednesday to warn countries of a gruesome shark-finning technique that could bypass some countries’ anti-finning laws.

Deep Trust In Sharks

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Jim Abernethy, owner and operator of Scuba Adventures, was the dive operator who showed all of the others that sharks are peaceful animals who want nothing to do with humans as a food source.

Chinese demand for shark fins has plummeted

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With social media allowing Chinese youth to express themselves more freely, the shark fin campaign almost became part of pop culture, conservationists say

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