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2013 Competitions Announced with Over $80,000 in Prizes

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The Underwater Competition series returns in 2013 for its 8th year with over $80,000 in prizes. Known as the “Super Bowl” of underwater imagery events, the series has developed a reputation as being one of the elite underwater photography competitions.


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What is Composition? In its most basic definition, composition is the arrangement of elements and their relationship to one another within an image. It is composition—as well as lighting—that is the primary tool with which photographers put themselves into an image and emphasize the subject(s) in the frame.
42 - May 2011 | Composition

Rigging Your Gear

Rigging your u/w camera gear
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Underwater photography requires more than your basic dive gear and cameras. Sometimes it’s the often overlooked accessories and customized set ups that help you safely and conveniently capture the shot in difficult or unexpected conditions. Some accessories simply make your life a little easier, while others help you avoid ditching your camera in an emergency.
12 - Aug 2006 | Rigging
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