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Hyperbaric Research

DAN announces their 2013 DEMA Show Talk Schedule

Dr Dick Vann, Dr Petar Denoble, Dr Neal W Pollock, Roz Lunn, DAN lectures, DEMA
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The Research Team at Divers Alert Network America provide a series of free diving lectures at the DEMA Show. If you are attending the Orlando based event next month, this is an invaluable opportunity to get up to speed with the latest thinking in diving medicine.

Why is scientific diving safer?

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Scientific diving appears to be one of the safer forms of diving, a recent study of incidences of decompression illness over ten years has found. This safety seems to be facilitated by a combination of relatively high levels of training and oversight, the predominance of shallow, no-decompression diving and, possibly, low peer or institutional pressure to complete dives under less than optimal circumstances.

New medical technologies for apnea diving

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What is the hypoxia? It is a deficit of oxygen in the lungs, blood and tissues. Each of us feels hypoxia from time to time, even if we do not realize it.”

Preventing decompression sickness in astronauts

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A research team at the Duke University Hyperbaric Centre, (North Carolina, USA) has won a Johnson Space Center (JSC) Group Achievement Award from NASA.
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