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The shark sessions

Books & Media |  The Shark Sessions by Ila France Porcher, published by Tate Publishing is now available online for sale.

Dive St.Abbs and Eyemouth

Books & Media |  The St.Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Nature Reserve off the south east coast of the Scottish Mainland was founded by the author Lawson Wood.

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Scotland:

Books & Media |  Includes Shetland Islands, Scapa Flow, and the Hebrides

Nudibranchs Encyclopedia: Catalogue of Asia/Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs

Nudibranchs Encyclopedia: Catalogue of Asia/Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs
Books & Media |  Neville Coleman has done a good job of updating his '1001 Nudibranchs' with this eagerly awaited book 'Nudibranchs Encyclopedia'.

Guide To Tropical Marine Fish

Books & Media |  Area 51 Digital Publishing is proud to introduce Guide to Tropical Marine Fish, a 5-app modular series now available from Apple Stores worldwide, created by world-famous book authors, underwater photographers and diving journalists Andrea and Antonella Ferrari.

X-Ray Magazine Video Showcase - IndoPacificImages of Don Silcock

Article with video |  
Australia - Indonesia - Papua New Guinea

DIRrebreather: Nitrox Rebreather Diving

Books & Media |  This book is dedicated to Nitrox rebreather diving and the basic principles and skills that every rebreather diver should know and master. It covers some topics like balance and trim with a rebreather, risk management, and proper Nitrox dive planning.

Scottish West Coast

Books & Media |   Dive sites are described in detail from Stranraer in the south west all the way to Cape Wrath at the north west of Scotland and includes all of the commercial diving locations such as the Clyde Estuary; Loch Fyne; Oban, the Garvellachs and Sound of Mull; Fort William; the Inner and Outer Hebrides; St.Kilda and the Flannan Isles and the Summer Isles.

Dive Guide Austria

Books & Media |  The best diving waters in Austria 3rd updated and expanded edition

“Up Close and Personal” — an Essential with Coral reef fishes and Invertebrates

Books & Media |  From the very first page of an “Essential Guide to Coral Reef Fishes & Invertebrates”, Michael Aw’s love, passion and almost reverence for the sea and its inhabitants shine out. Particularly touching is the ‘In plain truth’ section at the very front of the book which is almost like a love letter to the sea, while still being interesting and useful. As Michael himself points out, there have been many other marine id books published, so what is special about this one?
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