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Seals may utilize wind farms as hunting grounds

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Man-made structures may act like artificial reefs sheltering potential prey

Canada demands WTO void EU ban on seal products

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Both Norway and Canada insist seal-hunting methods are humane

Swine flu found in marine mammals

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The H1N1 virus has been detected in free-ranging northern elephant seals off the central California coast a year after the human pandemic began.

Diving with Seals of the Farne Islands

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The Farne Islands are a small group of some 33 rocks and islets (depending on the state of the tide which has a rise and fall of over 6m or 20ft) located off the north Northumberland coast of England. At full tide, only 23 larger rocks and islands are visible, but all of those are eye catching. The entire group are a National Trust protected area and have numerous wildlife preserves, notably for their seabirds and seals.

Leopard seals filter feed like whales

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Leopard seal observed eating krill like a whale, by sucking them into its mouth and sieving them through special teeth.

How seals avoid the bends

Article citing other sources |  
Lung collapse is considered the primary mechanism that limits nitrogen absorption and decreases the risk of decompression sickness in deep-diving marine mammals.

Gray seals consume as many fish as the fishing industry

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The grey seals in the Baltic eat about the same quantities of cod, common whitefish, salmon, sea trout and eel as those taken by fishermen, Swedish researchers find.

Rare Hawaiian monk seals killed, reward offered

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The Center for Biological Diversity has joined with allies to offer a $30,000 reward for information about the recent killing of three critically endangered Hawaiian monk seals.

Seal killer virus identified

Article citing other sources |  
A virus similar to the H3N8 avian influenza usually a threat to birds, dogs and horses, probably the cause of seal deaths on US East coast

Elephant Seal swam 29,000 km

Article citing other sources |  
The Wildlife Conservation Society has reported that a young male elephant seal tracked for the past year swam 18,000 miles

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