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Manatees and Dugongs

Legal group challenges manatee's endangered status

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Group argues increasing manatee numbers harm local fishing and tourism

Pacific nations unite to save the dugong

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The dugong is threatened by extinction, but the Pacific Islands region support efforts to save the world’s largest remaining population of dugongs.

Manatees in a rescue attempt

In an heartbreaking attempt to what seems like trying to save the dying manatee from drowning, the two young males refuse to leave her side.
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In a desperate attempt to save the life of one of their own, two young male manatees risks their own life when tropical storm Debbie moves in over Tampa late june 2012

Australian conservationists urge for new sanctuaries

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Australia's north and northwest teeming with rare and threatened marine life - new reports say. The reports draw attention to the urgent need for marine sanctuaries to protect these vulnerable, iconic and unique environments.

DNA Testing Confirms Manatee Subspecies

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The first genetic study to compare nuclear DNA of endangered Antillean manatees in Belize with Florida manatees confirmed their designation as separate subspecies.

Crystal River

Manatees - Crystal River - Peter Symes
X-Ray Magazine article |  
I once had a cat that approached me exactly like that. Coming right at me, top of the head first until … bump … “scratch me!” It then slowly rolled over onto its back to blissfully enjoy a good belly-rub. Only this ‘kitty’ was a 2000-pounder, with flippers instead of paws, but still, unmistakably cute and cuddly. A close encounter with the docile manatee leaves no one untouched. These gentle giants seem friendly and curious, as they seek out close contact with humans.
30 - Jul 2009 | Crystal River

The Quest for Yolanda

X-Ray Magazine article |  
I was on a deco stop in the cold waters of the national dive centre in the UK when my thoughts turned to diving the warmer waters of the Red Sea and particularly the wreck of the Yolanda, or should I say, to the question of where the wreck of the Yolanda came to rest.
06 - Aug 2005 | The Quest for Yolanda

Australia - Indigenous input essential to survival of endangered species

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Green turtles and dugongs have been on the global ''red list'' of threatened species for many years, but the situation is looking up for Australian populations as a community-based protection approach evolves.

The Pacific Year of the Dugong launched in Palau

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The Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) has been operating a regional marine species programme which focuses on three groups of marine species of conservation concern: dugongs, marine turtles and cetaceans.

Florida manatees flock to power plants to warm themselves

On Tuesday, more than 300 manatees floated in the outflow of Tampa Electric's Big Bend Power Station.
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Floridian manatees are swimming out of the chilly Gulf of Mexico waters and into warmer springs and power plant discharge canals

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