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Rescued false killer whale clings to life at Vancouver Aquarium

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Ailing calf remains under 24-hour observation by aquarium staff

New species of river dolphin proposed

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It is the first time in a nearly 100 years a new species of river dolphin has been discovered in the Araguaia River basin of Brazil

Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico are seriously ill

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Dolphins in the area of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the coast of Louisiana are suffering from lung diseases, abnormalities, and low birth rates.

Gangetic dolphin meat sold openly in India’s Assam Province

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Fish vendor discovered selling meat at roadside market

Cat and Dolphin Play Together

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Dolphins remember their friends for decades

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Dolphins can recognize their old tank mates' whistles after being separated for more than 20 years — the longest social memory ever recorded for a non-human species.

Dolphins call each other names

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The names are composed of whistles. Wild bottlenose dolphins respond to hearing a copy of their own signature whistle by calling back.

Orca may be several species

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Mitochondrial DNA sequencing support the theory the rare type D orca, which is only found around Antarctica, might be a distinct species

Planned dolphin-swim facility in Bahamas faces strong opposition

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Designed to attract cruise line tourists, development called "unregulated development," by opponents

New Irrawaddy dolphin population discovered in Philippines

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Endangered dolphins discovered off Palawan coast
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