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Mexican Gulf

Fighter jets become Florida's newest artificial reef

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On June 26, 2014 two Voodoo F101 Fighter Jets became artificial reefs off the coast of Panama City Beach, FL

Great white shark heads into the Gulf, baffles scientists

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A great white shark is being tracked by marine researchers has so far made its way from Massachusetts' Cape Cod to the northeast Gulf of Mexico.

Divers raise funds for a documentary about ancient underwater forest

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The 50,000 year forest is a half-mile-square area of 50,000-year-old cypress stumps perfectly preserved under the ocean floor off the coast of Alabama.

Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico are seriously ill

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Dolphins in the area of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the coast of Louisiana are suffering from lung diseases, abnormalities, and low birth rates.

Find three wrecks for the price of one

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As marine archaeologists were examining a well-preserved shipwreck deep in the Gulf of Mexico they also found two other sunken vessels that likely went down with it during an early 19th century storm.

Texan senators blocks shark fin ban in the last minute

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Republican senators Troy Fraser and Larry Taylo said a bill to ban shark fin trade would limit fishermen in Texas.

DEMA Launches Diving For Texas Treasure Challenge

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In tandem with Dive Around Texas, DEMA has announced a local diving promotion using DiveCaching (underwater geocaching) to keep divers active and having fun.

Sperm whales may get new protection in Mexican Gulf

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Isolated population of 1,500 sperm whales living in the Northern Gulf may be different enough to qualify for special protections.

Beyond Sunlight

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Census of Marine Life scientists have inventoried an astonishing abundance, diversity and distribution of deep sea species that have never known sunlight - creatures that somehow manage a living in a frigid black world down to 5,000 meters (~3 miles) below the ocean waves.

Sea Turtle Feeding Hotspots in the Gulf revealed

loggerhead turtle
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Satellite tracking of threatened loggerhead sea turtles has revealed two previously unknown feeding 'hotspots' in the Gulf of Mexico

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