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Atlantic Coast

Odyssey recovers huge treasure

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Over 13,500 silver and gold coins as well as gold ingots, Dust, Nuggets and jewelry From SS Central America shipwreck.

Odyssea recovers gold from SS Central America shipwreck

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More than 60 pounds of gold has been recovered from the 157-year-old shipwreck off South Carolina coast

Chesapeake Bay on the mends

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The health of the Chesapeake Bay in the US East coast improved slightly last year with underwater grasses the only area suffering a setback.

Coral Hotspots found off Northeast US Coast

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A survey of underwater canyons off the U.S. East Coast found a number of previously unknown hotspots for deep-sea corals

How to combat invasive lionfish

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NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and its partners publish first ever guidelines for coastal managers to control the spread of invasive lionfish.

U.S. judge allows Navy training site near rare whales

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The Navy can build a $100 million offshore range for submarine warfare training, despite claims that the range would hurt endangered whales, a federal judge ruled.

Tiger shark travel long distances

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A tiger shark named Chantal has been tracked from Bahamas to Cape Cod area

Search is on for Capt. Cook's Endeavour

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A marine archaeologist is hoping to find and recover the wreck of Capt. James Cook's famous ship the Endeavour in Newport Harbor.

German World War II sub discovered off Massachusetts

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The U-550 is one of several World War II-era German U-boats that have been discovered off the U.S. coast, but it's the only one that sank in that area.

Ancient Deep-Sea Coral Reefs Serve as Underwater ‘Islands’ in the Gulf Stream

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NOAA has found that some largely unexplored deep-sea coral reefs off the coast of North Carolina are not only larger than expected but also home to commercially valuable fish populations and many newly discovered and unusual species.
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