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Argentinean coastal wildlife haven declared Biosphere Reserve

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Four million acres in southern Argentina declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Orcas of Valdes

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The Valdes peninsula in Patagonia, has become renowned for the Orcas and the spectacular hunting technique they use to catch sea lion and seal pups off the beach, something so called an ‘intentional stranding’ by researchers.
48 - May 2012 | Orcas of Valdes

Orcas in Patagonia

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Professional work with the Orcas of Punta Norte with WOW & Patagonia Project.


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Consider a windy place — I mean, very windy — so windy you must ask the wind about what you can do today. Consider the wind as “mobile” as the “Donna” of the opera. He changes his mood at any time with no warning. Mood, in terms of wind, is direction, force, temperature, humidity and all the weather changes that come with them. Now, put yourself in a flat place, a plateau, with no mountains or trees to protect you and where the wind surrounds you all the time. Stay there and wait. Take your time to look around. You begin to notice that the soil upon which you are standing is covered with marine fossils and guess rightly that this was the sea floor some millions of years ago.
11 - Jun 2006 | Patagonia
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