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The Basking Shark

X-Ray Magazine article |  
First scientifically described by Gunnerus in 1765 from a specimen in Norway, there is an earlier published reference to the shark in 1739 in Ireland.
59 - Mar 2014 | The Basking Shark

Archaeologists hope to identify mysterious shipwreck off Scotland

Article with video |  
Experts believe it could be the remains of a Dutch vessel that sank more than 300 years ago.

Extraordinary sightings of sperm whales off north-west Scotland

Article citing other sources |  
Research charity Sea Watch. said groups of sperm whales had been seen off Scotland in the summer, but it was unusual for them to be spotted at this time of year.

Scottish Proposal For Marine Protected Areas To Be Announced

Article citing other sources |  
Massive network of marine protected areas to be discussed

3D hologram of the HMS Royal Oak

Article with video |  
The technology is said to depict HMS Royal Oak in its current state on the seabed in Scapa Flow, Orkney, including details of the areas where four torpedoes struck.

Scuttled WW2 German U-boat found off Scotland

Article citing other sources |  
A team of divers from the Buchan Divers group found the wreck of the German U-boat scuttled by its crew off the Scottish coast after a 12 year search

North Sea Bottlenose dolphin population stable

Article citing other sources |  
The world's most northerly resident population of bottlenose dolphins is stable and may even be increasing, according to new research.

The Sound of Mull and Oban Western Scotland

X-Ray Magazine article |  
There is a point in the journey to the west coast of Scotland just a little way north of the City of Glasgow that the landscape changes from “merely” pretty to the full on highland spectacular. It seems as if you are driving into the wilderness. Modern life, along with its stresses, seems to become a distant memory, and it’s not difficult to imagine you’ve travelled back hundreds of years in time; relics of this country’s rich history, castles and ancient ruins, adorn the stunning hills and deep green valleys. The tranquillity of the Lochs help to define a place that simply possesses a “kind of magic”.

Discovery of German U-boat wrecks rewrites the history books

Article citing other sources |  
It seems that many more German submarines were sunk by Allied mines during World War than previously thought, the British newspaper The Independent writes.

Dive St.Abbs and Eyemouth

Books & Media |  The St.Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Nature Reserve off the south east coast of the Scottish Mainland was founded by the author Lawson Wood.

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