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Nudibranch Safari 
at Gulen Dive Resort, Norway, March 2014

Press releases |  
Christian Skauge/ScubaPixel and Gulen Dive Resort invite nudibranch lovers, divers and underwater photographers from all over the world to join the fifth annual Nudibranch Safari in March 2014.

Another German WW2 submarine located off Norway

Article citing other sources |  
The "U-486" was torpedoed and broken in two by a British submarine in April 1945 shortly after leaving the western Norwegian town of Bergen. There was no survivors.

Gulen, Norway

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Cold water diving will never be the same after a visit to Gulen situated north of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast. Here, history meets present day, the deep ocean meets kelp forest and the gargantuan meets the miniscule.
52 - Jan 2013 | Gulen, Norway

German WW2 bomber salvaged from Norwegian fjord

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After 70 years at the bottom of the fjord, the old warbird which is one of its kind, emerged remarkably well preserved.

WW2 German seaplane to be salvaged in Norway

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The unique aircraft was found right outside the Museum of Aviation History

X-Ray Mag contributor Christian Skauge gets Honorable Mention at OWU

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The results of the Our World Underwater International Photo Contest 2012 were made publich in Chicago this weekend, and among the images getting honourable mentions were a rare nudibranch from Norway

Nudibranch Safari

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The 2012 Nudibranch Safari at Gulen Dive Resort was a phenomenal success. A staggering 49 species of nudibranchs and seven other ophistobranchs were identified during the weekend—on one divespot.
44 - Sep 2011 | Nudibranch Safari

Periphylla —Aliens of the Deep

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The jet-black rubber RIB was running flat out in the February night. We were sweeping past the Mongstad oil refinery at the Norwegian west-coast, just south of Gulen Dive Resort, and the clock was approaching midnight. Apart from the lights in the distance, the visibility was zero, and we were navigating solely on GPS, chart plotter and radar. The speed of 35 knots produced a howling wind, although the sea was completely calm. There was no moon, which was perfect for what we had in mind—an encounter with the alien of the deep, the crown jelly, Periphylla periphylla.

Egersund - Diving the Norwegian Fjord

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Being the sole natural harbor between the Norwegian coastal towns of Hitra and Stavanger, Egersund has since times past been visited by ship traffic resulting in a very exciting area for wreck divers. But also those explorers who treasure the natural riches of the deep will find much to enthral even the most seasoned of divers here where the Gulf Stream nurtures the abundant plant and animal life.
01 - Oct 2004 | Egersund

Wrecks of Narvik

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The port of Narvik in north Norway was established around the export of iron-ore from Sweden. This was due to the very good harbour and its ice-free conditions. At the outbreak of World War II, Narvik was a strategically important harbour, and during the first few days of the war a very intense battle was fought out here between German, Norwegian and British naval forces.
05 - Jun 2005 | Wrecks of Narvik

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