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Blue mussel beds can clean fjords and bays

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Agricultural fertilizers leaching into aquatic environment can cause massive algae blooms leading to oxygen depletion. Banks of blue mussels can get the algae populations under control, Danish researches have demonstrated.

Heinkel He 219

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Rare WW2 German nightfighter retrieved from the North Sea

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The remains of a German night fighter from WW2 is salvaged in the North Sea off the Danish fishing port Hirtshals. Only one other specimen exists in the world.

Fish thriving around wind farms

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The first Danish study into how one of the world’s largest ocean wind farms affects marine life is now completed, and shows that fish thrive in the area.

The Bubbling Reefs

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Imagine a beautiful shallow green water reef with kelp, anemones and sponges among which lots of colourful fauna darting in and out and. Now imagine that the reef is growing on some weird sandstone arches and that the water is fizzy like sparkly mineral water, with bubbles coming out of the reef structure.
23 - May 2008 | The Bubbling Reefs

Stig Ă…vall Severinsen holds breath for 20 minute 10 seconds, sets record

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Danish freediver Stig Ă…vall Severinsen held his breath for 20 minutes and 10 seconds, setting a new world record
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