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English Channel

German WWII bomber raised from the English Channel

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The Dornier Do-17 aircraft was shot down off the Kent coast more than 70 years ago during the Battle of Britain.

Chesil Cove Beach Clean & Underwater Clean Up

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Saturday 18th May 2013: 10:00am - 16:00pm - In association with the Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch

Achim Schloffel crosses the English Channel

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At 04.50 am local time this morning, Achim Schloeffel began crossing the Channel from Dover, England. He reached the French coast around 02.00 pm and surfaced after decompressing for another 160 minutes.

Malaysian stamp series celebrate underwater life

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Malaysia post has issued a set of stamps and a souvenir sheet of underwater life featuring Thorny Seahorse, Robust Ghostpipefish, Green Sea Turtle, Leopard Moray Eel, MandarinFish, Blue Sea Star and Red-spotted Coral Crab.

Achim Schloeffel to dive across the English Channel by end of June

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Equipped with an optimised configuration in dive equipment and precise instruments, Achim feels well prepared for the challenge that lies ahead of him

First HMS Victory to be raised after 300 years

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The remains of the first HMS Victory are to be raised from the seabed nearly 300 years after she sank, according to reports.

Blennies goes west

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A bright blue prawn and a blenny with a black face are recorded further west than ever before in Great Britain.

HMS Victory under threat from 'unlicensed salvagers'

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The authors of the report into the future management of the 1744 shipwreck in the English Channel. said unauthorised salvage could result in "irreparable damage" to the wreck site.

Achim Schloeffel plans to dive across the English Channel

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In June 2012 Achim Schloeffel aims to deliver proof that the tools for technical diving are now mature enough to complete a dive under the English Channel from Dover to Calais without a surface break.

UNESCO wants to preserve wreck of the British warship HMS Victory

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UNESCO has called for measures to preserve the HMS Victory, British man-of-war that sank in the English Channel in 1744, following its discovery by a commercial deep-sea exploration company. UNESCO stressed the need to safeguard such a historically significant find, in light of its Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, which entered into force this January.

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