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Sargasso Sea Granted Protection

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Vast patch of mid-Atlantic renowned for unique floating seaweeds and rich biodiversity

WW2 tanker sunk by German U-boat in St Helena to be surveyed

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RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) vessel Darkdale had been in St Helena for some weeks and refuelled some pretty large warships. There was no anticipation of a submarine attack on her.

Treasure hunter claims he found $3 billion WWII wreck

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Sub Sea Research LLC has located off the coast of Cape Cod the shipwreck of the Port Nicholson, a British freighter secretly carrying 71 tons of platinum when it was torpedoed by a German U-boat in 1942,the BBC reported.

Oceana proposes 28 atlantic marine habitats for protection

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Images and data gathered by the marine conservation organization during expeditions support call for protection of vulnerable habitats in the Atlantic waters of Spain and Portugal as well as in the Kattegat.


Text and photos by Nuno Sá
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It’s been almost 15 years since my first visit to the Azores. I was studying law then and was on my first diving trip, with all of eight dives written down in my brand new logbook. Six years later, I was living in the Azores.

Periphylla —Aliens of the Deep

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The jet-black rubber RIB was running flat out in the February night. We were sweeping past the Mongstad oil refinery at the Norwegian west-coast, just south of Gulen Dive Resort, and the clock was approaching midnight. Apart from the lights in the distance, the visibility was zero, and we were navigating solely on GPS, chart plotter and radar. The speed of 35 knots produced a howling wind, although the sea was completely calm. There was no moon, which was perfect for what we had in mind—an encounter with the alien of the deep, the crown jelly, Periphylla periphylla.

Wrecks of Narvik

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The port of Narvik in north Norway was established around the export of iron-ore from Sweden. This was due to the very good harbour and its ice-free conditions. At the outbreak of World War II, Narvik was a strategically important harbour, and during the first few days of the war a very intense battle was fought out here between German, Norwegian and British naval forces.
05 - Jun 2005 | Wrecks of Narvik

Scapa Flow - The Wrecks of Scotland’s Orkney Islands

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Situated 25 km (15 miles) north of the Scottish mainland, the Orkney Islands are located on the same latitude as southern Greenland, Alaska and Leningrad, however Orkney is bathed in the warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift that first started out as the Gulf Stream in the Caribbean. Hence, a profusion of marine life, water that rarely gets too cold and mild winters, whilst the islands are inevitable windy, the almost landlocked bay of Scapa Flow is sheltered for diving all year round. The Orkney Islands are created by submergence and give the impression of tipping westwards into the sea. There are great sea stacks, arches, caves and caverns all around the coast, some of which are world famous such as the Old Man of Hoy, and they have a total land mass of around 971.25km2 (375 square miles).
31 - Sep 2009 | Scapa Flow

Crossing the Altantic

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11 - Jun 2006 | Crossing the Atlantic

Invasion of the King crab

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The Cold War has been over for more than two decades, but a relentless red army of monster crabs are still pouring over the border of Russia into Norway. The crabs are feared by environmentalists, but not by scuba divers.
10 - Apr 2006 | King crab

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