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Sea of Cortez —Where the Wild Things Are

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Whale shark, whale shark, whale shark! After several unsuccessful hours of searching the bay by small boat, these long-awaited words came as a welcome relief. Only a handful of us had heard the radio call after opting to stay behind and skip the last dive of the trip.

19th century British ship found off Yucatan

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Mexican archeologists has discovered the remains of a 19th century British ship

Mexican whale sanctuary get better protection

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The Mexican government and the Pronatura Noroeste organization signed an accord to improve protection of San Ignacio Lagoon which serves as a refuge for gray whales.

Tourist resort in Mexico cancelled over concerns for marine reserve

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Mexican President Felipe Calderon says he is cancelling the construction of a 30,000 room tourist resort in Baja California over concerns it could damage the nearby Cabo Pulmo coral reef and marine park

Fish Evolution by Religious Selection

Atlantic molly
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A centuries-old religious ceremony of an indigenous people in southern Mexico has led to small evolutionary changes in a local species of fish, according to researchers from Texas A&M University.

Bones of early Americans stolen from underwater cave

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The skeleton, which is probably at least 10,000 years old, has disappeared from a cenote, or underground water reservoir, in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.

Finding the early humans

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Discovery of prehistoric remains in the Yucatan


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Cozumel combines the great reefs that one might find at the best dive spots around the warm Mexican Gulf waters with the laid back island life, where everything is close enough..

Guadaloupe's Great White Sharks

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My first shark appeared head-on in the distance slowly swaying from side to side. With elegant grace and composure it continued towards the cage with mouth opened just enough to boast a healthy set of triangular teeth. Like the star of a grand performance, the shark held everyone in awe as it turned slightly just in front of the cage to examine an offering of tuna. It was a huge 14-foot (4m), 2175 pound (987kg) female. Her body was sleek and muscular, capable of high speeds if necessary. She ignored the bait and gave the caged divers a once over then slowly swam away, never changing her pace. Author, Peter Benchley, sure pegged it correctly when he referred to these creatures as “natural perfection”.


X-Ray Magazine article |  
Located 386km (250 miles) southwest of the tip of Baja California and over 720km (446 miles) west of Manzanillo, the Revillagigedos are one of three Mexican island groups in the Pacific Ocean. All four islands that make up the Revillagigedos Archipelago are remote, volcanic in origin and offer some of the most unpredictable, wild diving in the world.
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