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Red Sea

Update on the situation in Egypt - from Sinai Divers

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Travel advisories issued by various countries' foreign offices vary and some travel agents have now begun offering their customers refunds or being rebooked to alternative destinations.

Egypt: Travel warnings issued, resort areas still in the clear

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Resort areas steer clear of unrest. Otherwise foreign citizens are warned to defer non-essential travel to Egypt at this time due to the continuing possibility of political and social unrest.

Anemonefish oxygenate their anemone hosts

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As clownfish move around at night, they boost water flow over the anemone and increase its oxygen consumption.

Deep canyon found in the Red sea

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A Royal Navy survey ship has produced a series of stunning images of a Grand Canyon-style ocean floor hidden deep under the Red Sea.

Seamount found in the Red Sea

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Royal Navy survey ship HMS Echo has discovered a previously uncharted underwater 'mountain' on the bed of the Red Sea the size of the rock of Gibraltar.

Elphinstone - Grand Canyon of Southern Egypt

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It was 6:30 in the morning, and my dive buddy and I were hauling our gear back from the big zodiac speedboat after a thrilling midnight dive on the famous Elphinstone reef in the Red Sea near Marsa Alam, Egypt. While rinsing my gear, Ahmed—the local dive guide—started talking to me because I was diving a back plate, wing and long hose just like him, and he probably felt some kind of connection.

Brothers Islands - Red Sea Liveaboard

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Forty-two miles off the Egyptian coast, the Brothers Islands rise up from the floor of the Red Sea 800 metres below, forming two small, flat tabletops surrounded by steeply sloping fringing reefs.

Red Sea Safari - Journey from Cairo to El Quseir

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In spite of Egypt’s current turmoil, I feel this exceptional country is still a place of interest and worth while including in anyone’s holiday itinerary. I recall enjoying the opportunity to tour many of the countries monuments, museums and being able to touch one of the huge pyramids that have surpassed the adversity of historical challenges.

Egyptian MPAs under-resourced

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Egypt’s coral reefs contribute roughly between a third and a quarter of the country’s total tourist revenues. However, very little of this income is reinvested in the country’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Shermans Lagoon to the Rescue

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The use of Plastic bottles, containers and plastic bags comes with a dear price, something we kind of know, but not really something we take in as being a problem. The beaches in tourist areas are cleaned up from debris and trash at least once a day, making the problem invisible to us. Jim Toomey, creator of Shermans Lagoon and a loved cartoonist among most divers has been an outspoken environmentalist for many years.

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